The Superior
Character Info
Name: The Superior
Role: Castle Project Leader
Weapon(s): None
Appeared In: Castle Rep. A, Castle Rep D2
Voice Actor: Dave McElfatrick
"The mission details have been followed and the artifact retrieved. Though we may have a problem"
—General calling the Superior
—The Superior's reaction
"According to the doc it's empty. The current whereabouts are unknown."
—The General continuing
"Find It!"
—The Superior commanding the General
"...Yes Sir!"
—The General obeys, Castle Rep. D2

The Superior is a shadowy figure in charge of the entire Castle Project. The General is under command of the Superior.

Before Castle RepercussionsEdit

People thought the General was the one who was behind all of this (the Castle Project). But the Superior was later on revealed in Castle Repercussions A.

Castle Repercussions Part AEdit

He appears to be heading somewhere and grabs a folder containing the Castle Project and showing Private Ray Williams' portfolio showing his age is 28.

Castle Repercussions Part D2 Edit

After the credits the "Superior" Is seen reviewing Etrius' file when he receives a call from the general. The general informs him that the artifact was retrieved but that according to Doctor Romanov, it is empty. The Superior responds with: "Find it." And the General answered: "Yes sir!".