The two books from the two Castles Etruis went to.

The First BookEdit

The first book appears in Castle I and the first book maybe telling directions of the second

The Second BookEdit

Dr. Romanov reads it and gets a translation of "The Wise One's" writing on the wall which was in the altar room. Also it told directions of the third castle.


  • The First Book was a green book in the "Castle I" animation/episode. But when Castle 3 part A came out, people went on the main menu and saw Etruis holding the two books. The green one must have been the second book, because Etruis got a green book from the second castle. Dr. Romanov was reading the second book for the translation. The other book was a red book which was a different color. It wasn't green anymore, it was red. People who haven't seen Castle I, thinks that the red book is the first book.