"Ah, Christ ya scared the-"
—Some Other Guy
Some Other Guy
Character Info
Name: Some Other Guy
Role: Soldier
Weapon(s): Assault Rifle
Appeared In: Castle 3, Repercussions D1
Voice Actor: Unknown

Some Other Guy was a soldier who was left behind with Boomer, Roberts and Mullins. He made his first appearance in Castle III Part D and has a British accent. His real name is unknown and is only referred to as "Some Other Guy" by Mullins when he was discussing him with Ray.


Before Castle RepercussionsEdit

When the bridge starts to crack, he is seen with Mullins and Roberts when Boomer runs to their side.

Castle Repercussions Part D1Edit

Some Other Guy, Mullins and Roberts are having a short break when Boomer tells them to move. While they are walking, Boomer stops to check on a hole in the wall which creates an uneasy tension. When Boomer suddenly moved his head, it surprised Some Other Guy and he responded by saying, "Ah Christ, ya scared the-" before being interrupted by an invisible arm impaling him in the abdomen. He reaches for the others in a kind of plea for help but they were powerless to do anything for him. The others had no choice but to leave him while his body was thrown around like a rag doll.