Puppetmasters are a special type of evil that appears in Castle III and in the Repercussion series; to be more specific, they are the evils that utilize the invisible tentacles seen throughout Castle III and Repercussions.

Appearances Edit

Castle III Part C Edit

While the team is stuck in the Altar Room, the floor begins to crack, and the crack widens, creating a huge gap for the puppermaster's tentacles to emerge. One of the tentacles slice a soldier's head clean off and the others retreat from the gap.

Castle III Part D Edit

As the General, Beecher, and the soldiers try escaping the castle, an invisible tentacle slices a soldier to mere body parts. The soldier examining the soldier before he falls apart is also thrown up and impaled through the head. The blood from the impale exposes the tentacle's location and is forced to retreat. Later, more tentacles force one of the soldiers out through the exit to the helicopters. They are not seen until Repercussions part D1.

Castle Repercussions D1 Edit

While Boomer, Mullins, a soldier and Some Other Guy are walking, they suddenly feel uncomfortable, as a tentacle smashes through the wall and impales Some Other Guy through the neck (or grabbed him) and began smashing him against both of the walls repeatidly and causing the three to sprint to the end and down the spiral pathway. Meanwhile, another tentacle begins smashing through the spiral pathway down to the group, before Boomer blows a hole in the wall and they proceed with the soldier being caught and they pull him out before the encounter of the Sleeper Drones. Before their encounter, a husk of a puppermaster is seen walking around with tentacles.


Trivia Edit

  • The Puppetmasters have a huge resemblance to two of the main characters in Elfen Lied.

-Both Puppetmasters and characters utilize tentacles that can slice through skin and flesh with ease and have a limited range to where the tentacles can stretch or reach out.

  • It is confirmed that a husk of a puppermaster is the source of the tentacles, but it is unknown where the husks are when the floors begin to crack and make a huge gap in Castle III Part C.