Character Info
Name: Plisskin
Role: Helicopter Pilot
Weapon(s): Pistol
Appeared In: Castle 3 (Cameo), Castle Rep. B, D2
Voice Actor: James Calverley
"Stay away from me! STAY AWAY!"
—Plisskin, Castle Rep. B


Before Castle RepercussionsEdit

Plisskin was shown in Castle III Part D watching Dr. Romanov flying away early in his helicopter.

Though Plisskin himself is not seen, his helicopter can be seen being overwhelmed and crashing.

Castle Repercussions BEdit

Plisskin wakes up in his helicopter and Jason can be heard banging on the door, yelling for Plisskin to let him in. Dazed, Plisskin gets up and starts making his way towards the door when stray bullets are shoot through the door causing Plisskin to fall over. Plisskin gets up and rushes to the door, attempting to open it to let Jason inside. However, the door was jammed as a result of the crash and Plisskin was unable to open it.  After multiple tries, the sound of Jason being killed causes him to stop and watch as a pool of blood seeps through the bottom of the door. Creatures begin banging on the door and he stumbles back to the front of the helicopter to retrieve his pistol. Creatures manage to get the door open just as he retrieves his weapon; He fumbles with it before switching off the safety and shooting the first zombie in the head. His aim doesn't last long as he misses the second zombie multiple times before shooting it in the arm and leg, causing it to fall to his feet. he proceeds to kick the creature in the face until it dies. Looking up he sees more coming in and raises the pistol but finds it empty upon pulling the trigger. He throws his pistol and covers his head, knowing he is seconds away from being killed. When nothing happens he looks up, confused to see the creatures standing still. Lloyd's name can be heard being called right before there is an explosion in the Alter room. The creatures all run away from the courtyard for reasons still unknown. he gets up to look out of the window, seeing the courtyard empty. He then covers Jason's body and piles the dead creatures out of the helicopter before falling to his knees.

Castle Repercussions D2Edit

he sees Mullins and Ray approaching, and helps Ray support Mullins. he later fixes the helicopter so Boomer and his team can leave the Castle.


-Castle Rep. part B refers to him as "Helicopter Pilot Plisskin" leaving out both his rank and first name. generally, helicopter pilots in the U.S. Army can be anywhere from a warrant officer to a colonel. Assuming the military organization has a similar rank structure, Plisskin could be any rank between those two.