"Pistol... Still got my pistol"
—Ray after dropping his Rifle

General Information Edit

The pistol is carried by soldiers for use as a weapon in the event they lose, damage, or run out of ammo for their


Assault Rifle. The pistol can not actually be seen on the body of soldiers but can be assumed to be in a holster on their leg. It is also used by helicopter pilots as a means of defense and is stored in a compartment in the middle of the cockpit. However this compartment could just be a free storage space for use of the pilots and Plisskin decided to put his pistol there.

Design Edit

Unlike the Assault Rifle, the pistol's design is more practical. It has both a front and rear sight as well as a port


where bullet casings can be ejected. It's also confirmed that it has a safety which can be engaged/disengaged by a switch on the left side of the weapon. The pistol is semi-automatic (one bullet is fired per one pull of the trigger) and holds 8 bullets.