Character Info
Name: Lloyd
Role: Elite Team Close Combat Specialist
Weapon(s): Katana (Japanese Sword)
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Voice Actor: Robert DenBleyker
"Did you have a good nap? The general just briefed me, he wants us all to gear up. They've confirmed the location of the third castle."
"No rest for the wicked..."

Lloyd is the swordsman of an elite-team of people who are able to do extremely dangerous missions. He has a British Accent, and light brown eyes.He is similiar to an Ancient, as with Etrius and Beecher  Voiced by Robert Denbleyker, a Canadian voice actor.


Castle III part BEdit


Lloyd, trapped on the over side of the crack.

Lloyd was in Etrius' room talking to Etrius and Beecher, seemingly bitter and uncaring. Lloyd later walked onto the helicopter with his katana. Upon arrival at the Third Castle, Lloyd takes up rear guard with Boomer, amd they all proceed to the Altar Room.

Castle III part CEdit

In the Altar Room, Lloyd was standing near Dr Romanov, Beecher, and Boomer. He looks at the Doc as he starts translating the runes on the wall. Lloyd then heard a gunshot, but said nothing as Beecher went to investigate. Hearing Beecher yelling at him, and pulled his katana out on the General. The General stops dead and questions Lloyd's courage. Lloyd says nothing, reading the situation. As all the chamber doors slammed shut, he reluctantly lowered his sword. Lloyd snaps around at the sound of a death, and a Being drops down to him and the General shoots it, the bullet passing mere inches in front of Lloyd's face. Lloyd glares at him strangely, before going to fight.

Lloyd sees creatures coming for him behind and jumps over them, slicing through to with deadly accuracy. He lands on the floor with the sword in the ground and swipes another one in the throat, before snarling and charging the oncoming creatures.

As Beecher jumps across the chasm, Lloyd slides to a stop, realising he cannot get across, and thousands of creatures rise up behind him. The ceiling collapses and Lloyd is left behind in the Altar Room.

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Lloyd covered in blood

Castle Repercussions AEdit

Ray wakes up to see a body in front of him, which is an Evolved. In the background, there is eerie laughter and a drawn out voice saying "L-l-l-l-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-y-y-d." Ray doesn't seem to notice it.

As Ray gets up a figure slams him into the floor and he runs for his life. He slows down by a rupture in the wall and takes his pistol out, only to hear a really sharp sound. He looks up to see Lloyd, who coughs up blood and drags his sword across the floor. Ray feels the threat and raises his gun as 'Lloyd' walks forward, footsteps heavy, eyes glowing, armour clinking. Ray feels the air going colder in degrees and raises his gun, warning 'Lloyd' to stay away. Ray pulls the trigger and expects Lloyd to hit the floor. Instead, Lloyd snaps his head back and speaks without moving his mouth. Just as Lloyd is about to crush Ray's mind, Ray falls backwards through the hole. Lloyd remains standing for a few second, before seeming to split into two and disappear.

Castle Repercussions B (mentioned only)Edit

Jason is on the other side of the door, and he is firing shots at what sounds to be Beings. However, there is a pause and Jason says "No, no!" before a sharp sound is heard, and the body hits the floor. This could lead the fact Lloyd killed Jason, seeing as he is the only member of the Elite Team with a sword.  Plisskin is about to be killed by two Beings when a wierd sound fills the air and all the Beings stop. from the central tower where the Altar Room is, a demonic voice says, "L-l-l-o-o-y-y-d-d" in a drawn out voice. the tower then jolts violently, as if someone is breaking out. the Evils run. If Lloyd killed Jason, it may be Etrius consumed by the power of the Orb (and somehow having the authority of commanding someone) ordering Lloyd to stop. Evidence suggests that all the Evils flee.

Castle Repercussions C (mentioned only)Edit

Castle Repercussions D1 (brief flashbacks)Edit

Lloyd appeared in Boomer's flashback when he was shown to be stuck on the other side.

Castle Repercussions D2 (brief flashbacks/mentioned only)Edit

Boomer is talking about his team and how dire the situation seems, and he mentions 'Lloyd pulling arms', recalling Lloyd pulling his katana out on the General. 

Castle IV Edit

Lloyd is set to appear in Castle IV and it will mainly focus on him, focusing on the events of what happened in the altar room, according to Oscar Johansson's FAQs on Castle IV.[1]


  • Viewers suspected that Lloyd was crushed in the altar room during Castle III. In the FAQs of Oscar's website ( Oscar confirms it was an evil creature.
  • Lloyd is briefly seen in Castle Repercussions A.
  • He has the same voice actor of The General, who is voiced by Rob Denbleyker (creator of Joe Zombie and Cyanide & Happiness).

References Edit

  1. [1]"Thereafter we finally focus on what happens to Lloyd." ~ Oscar Johansson answering one of the FAQs on Castle IV.