The Evolved are buff-looking creatures that have white eyes and are stronger, 'evolved' versions of the average Zombie/evil.

Appearances Edit

Castle III Part D

An Evolved is seen smashing through a wall as it grabs Ray and throws him against a wall, knocking him unconscious. It is then shot to death by a couple soldiers with rifles. Two more Evolved appear and begin chasing the team, only to fail.

Castle Repercussions Part A

As Ray wakes up, he is quickly alarmed by the sight of an Evolved corpse next to him. Later, Ray experiences a zombie transform into an Evolved as he slowly makes his way to the nearest doorway to his left, only to find that he is spotted by the Evolved and chased by it. It is unknown what happened to the Evolved after the scene skips to where Ray walks through a small crack with his pistol.

Trivia Edit

  • Evolved are only seen moving using their feet and hands, like a frog does, compared to the normal zombie as seen moving in the same way or by walking/running
  • In Castle III Part D, in the deleted scenes, the Evolved rips Ray's head off instead of throwing him against the wall.