Dr. Romanov
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Character Info
Name: Dr. Romanov
Role: Scientific
Weapon(s): Book (joke)
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Voice Actor: Oscar Johansson
—Dr. Romanov, Castle III Part C

Dr. Romanov is the Swedish Doctor aka the reader under The General's command. He is voiced by Oscar Johannson.


Castle III part AEdit

The General retrieves the Second Book from Beecher, and then phones Dr Romanov, who is studying the First Book. The General asks the doc to report to the helicopter pad, but the doc says he is engrossed in studying the First Book. The General reluctantly tells Romanov that they have the Second Book, and Romanov rushes down to retrieve it. 

Later, when he and the General are talking, he reveals he has found nothing of the Third Castle...yet. 

Castle III part BEdit

Dr Romanov studies the book and finds the location of the Third Castle, before telling the General he thinks he found it. Later, the General asks Romanov to come along to the Castle, which he does. They land in the Third Castle, and Romanov is in awe of the architecture. When they get to the Altar Room, Romanov says, "Ahh, this must be where they keep it." And so he starts to study the runes on the wall. 

Castle III Part CEdit

While Etrius is picking up the Artifact, Dr. Romanov is reading the warning of the Wise One's writings on the wall using the Second Book as a translator. As the mystery begins to unfold, and the truth of what they are doing, the realization settles and Romanov tries to tell everybody of the Warning. Beecher doesn't listen, but then realizes that Etrius  and The General  are arguing. Dr Romanov leaves, encouraging two soldiers to follow him. 

Outside, he looks up and sees dark shapes flying overhead, flying towards the Altar Room and the unwary team. His only words are, "Look! It has begun." 

Castle III Part DEdit

Dr Romanov and the two soldiers make it to the helicopters unharmed, and he desperately asks the pilot to leave. The pilot argues for the General's case, but Romanov vehemently tells him they are dead and that they need to take off immediately. The helicopter lifts off and leaves, while Plisskin watches from below. 

Castle Repercussions D2 (briefly mentioned only)Edit

He is mentioned briefly by the General after the credits.