A shadowy figure, named Superior was walking through a hall, retrieving a book. It is revealed to be a top secret files. Then, Superior begins to see Ray's profile.


After a short flashback, Ray wakes up and saw the evolved evil that the soldiers had killed. He gets up and dropped a plenty of vomit. Ray picks up his rifle and starts walking. When he saw the door, he starts banging on it, but no avail. Ray then starts to think the way out of here.

Ray then hears a mysterious voice. Ray also has a sudden flash of Lloyd covered in blood. He runs without noticing he forgot his rifle. Finally noticing he had lost his rifle, Ray pulls out his pistol, right then he saw Lloyd. Ray asked Lloyd if it is him.

Lloyd did not answer, but coughed up blood. Ray begins to get nervous, as Lloyd advanced towards him with a heavier footsteps than usual. Ray then fired a round to Lloyd's head, only to notice that Lloyd wasn't affected. He then speaks to Ray through his mind. Ray was blown back to the hole as Lloyd disappeared.

Ray then starts walking through a hall. He then turns on his flashlight and arrives at a large room, seeing a single creature evolving. Ray then begin to tiptoe, only to be found out by the creature. A chase then happened and Ray succeed to hide.

After hiding, Ray notices something running and he pulls the trigger, ending the story.