"I will make Castle IV in the future."
—Oscar Johansson

CASTLE IV will be the next installment in the Castle series. Not very much is known about it, except that it will eventually be made (allegedly). As such, any theories people may have about it. But they are simply that: theories.

As of the 10th April 2014, it was stated by Oscar Johansson, the creator of Castle Series, on his personal website that, despite desperately wanting to finish the series, it was somewhat unlikely he had the time and energy to make Castle IV.

150910 stairs rendrs

Castle IV, the path to the altar room, 3D rendered final shot.

As of today (31st of August) however, the fourth and final installment was actually announced. Style-wize, it is taking a slight step off of the classic Castle path, and is now being made in a 3D format. 

On August 29th, 2015, Oscar Johansson posted a 3D rendered teaser of Castle IV on youtube, and according to the description of the video, it's going to be the final installment in the Castle series. Also posted on his website and on the Castle-IV upcoming section for DeletionQuality.[1]

Watch the teaser on youtube:

The latest information about the project can always be found in Oscar's blog:

Castle IV Edit

Castle IV - Teaser Trailer

Castle IV - Teaser Trailer

Castle IV teaser trailer has been posted on Oscar Johansson's website and It's confirmed to be the final installment according to the description of the video on youtube and has been uploaded by Oscar Johansson himself. The clip shows the camera panning over a mysterious body while the evil creatures start running past a familiar face, which is known to be Etrius and he suddenly awakens which answers the question of how his body disappeared at the end of Repercussions D2, Castle IV may show how Etrius and Lloyd's aftermath or flashbacks of what happened to them and then focus on the Elite team and the General, etc.

Confirmations for Castle IV Edit

Oscar Johansson answered some questions to the fans on the forums of DeletionQuality for Castle IV. FAQs.

  • The original voice actors could possibly return, Oscar hasn't decided for the voice actors, wants high quality professional voices.
  • It will have brief flashbacks of the Altar room, which is taking place around the time of Part C, Oscar states that it will finally focus on what happened to Lloyd.
  • Castle IV is going to consist of Parts A, B, C, D, E, F or even G (possible). He says that the installments could be shorter but consisting of more parts. Might release all the parts in one go or simultaneously if the fans are patient enough to wait for each part one by one.
  • 2016 is the estimate release date that Oscar is aiming for, Part A.
  • Castle IV will be the ultimate episode aka the conclusion of the series.
  • Oscar aims to make the music himself or have Polo return to help him on the soundtrack mixes, like he did for Repercussions D2 ending/credits. No word on Alexander Vinter returning anyway possible.
  • Oscar confirmed that all known characters will return in Castle IV.
  • The actual Castle in Castle IV will now have a 3-Dimensional layout, to have a proper scaling on both, the inside and the outside. Oscar thinks that in Castle III, it was very confusing how the castle looked so much bigger on the inside than on the outside.

Oscar did say that if the next Castle animation were to be made, it would not be using Flash. Also talks about how the animation is going to be in 3D format.[2]



According to Oscar's reply in the "Will there ever be a Flash Renaissance?" thread in the DQ Talk section of the forums of his personal website,, it is very unlikely Castle IV will be made. Oscar Johansson stated in his reply that most of his time is now dedicated to real-life work and people. He also stated that he has not prepared a script for Castle IV and production for Castle IV has not begun. Moreover, Oscar has also said that he has not decided on a definite ending for the Castle Series.

Oscar closed his reply with the following paragraph:

"I've done a few attempts in starting [Castle IV] already, and I've done a few examples of what I'd like to produce, though I have so far obviously not been successful in keeping at it. I could probably say that Castle's biggest enemy is myself. I don't like making promises I can't keep, and perhaps I'm fooling myself, but I feel I'm willing to at least give it a try. I'm just not sure if there will be a result out of it. "
—Oscar Johansson

Oscar's post on the subject can be found below:

2016 is a release date that Oscar Johansson is aiming for.[3]

Speculation & TheoriesEdit

  • Lloyd will escape the castle and get the army of the evils to get to the Base where Helicopters are.
  • In Castle Repercussions D2 after the credits ending. He called the person called the "Superior". He said, "According to the doc, the artifact is empty." Then Superior answered him: "Find it!" And the General answered: "Yes sir!" The reason why the artifact was empty, because Etrius took the inside source of the artifact. The superior said find it which meant that the General might go back to the Castle with Boomer, Mullins, Ray, and Robert who were almost dead. Those soldiers/elite-team leader might argue with him in Castle IV. Then they will go back to the Castle, Etrius and Lloyd will get their revenge, a huge battle will start. It's very possible for this event to happen in the future.
  • Boomer and Beecher are one of the only major elite-team members left, so possibly one of them will die. Or even the General will die for what he had done (for abandoning most of the people at the castle).
  • It is possible Beecher was he may possibly try to kill the General and accidentally kill Romanov instead.
  • Lloyd may be split into two and the good version of him goes back to the base. the Evil version follows and they merge together after an epic sword fight.
  • Etrius & Lloyd are evil and the Wise One comes back to take both on, to find out the Superior is the real evil.
  • More of Etrius and Lloyd will be revealed by showing their flashbacks while they were trapped in the alter room. Showing what happened to them.
  • Beecher will kill the General (because he found out he killed Etrius), but before he kills him, Boomer arrives and refuses to believe that (which was mentioned in Rep. D2) and then they will finally kill him and go back to Earth while Etrius and Lloyd team up to get an army of evils. The military will maybe have a war with them between the two worlds.
  • Showing more of Etrius's past (while maybe he was in his teens or when he had a family, but later on turned 42 [revealed at the end of Rep. D2 after credits] and was forced to work for the General).
  • Romanov might or might not have known about Etrius getting killed. Romanov might just go back to Earth and live the rest of his life while the rest of the Elite team will confront the General.
  • New Characters
  • A Female Character, maybe the Elite Team's sisters.
  • (wiki contributor) I suggest This time send a small battalion of soldiers (300 soldiers), this time I want more advanced equipment for normal troops, but even more advanced equipment for elite team and Should Boomer and Beecher lead and new elite team? 


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