"Ah fuck... My rifle..."
—Ray upon realizing he left his rifle behind

General Information Edit

Assault Rifle

The Assault Rifle is the primary weapon used by soldiers in the castle series. It is fully automatic with a high rate of fire and good accuracy at short to medium distances. Its accuracy does however decrease at longer distances. This is demonstrated when Mullins was able to effectively engage 3 evils on a bridge from a medium distance away. But was only able to kill one out of three evils that were crawling on the ceiling above him at a longer range. the actual magazine size is unknown but can be estimated at around 30 rounds.

Design Edit

The Assault Rifle features a Bullpup design, meaning the magazine is located behind the trigger. The point of such a design is to decrease the length and overall weight of the rifle. Putting the magazine in front of the trigger would require the rifle to be longer to make room for both the magazine and the grip. Instead, this model combined the magazine with the buttstock creating a shorter rifle when compared to others. Upon close inspection, the Assault rifle is missing a few key parts such as a rear sight and port where bullet shells can be ejected. The lack of a rear sight would explain the drop in accuracy at longer distances. The rifle also lacks a charging handle that would be needed to load a round into the chamber. The rifle is painted a dark red color and appears to be made out of a type of metal due to the shine or gleam it gives off.

Trivia Edit

  • The Assault Rifle is only shown being reloaded twice, both instances occuring at the same time by John Mullins shortly before he jumps off a cliff.
  • The Assault Rifle is the second weapon to be reloaded in the castle series. The only other weapon to be reloaded is an Uzi in Castle 2
  • The rifle is contantly dropped or lost throughout the castle series: Ray lets go of it before being grabbed by an evolved and knocked unconscious. Upon waking up, he retrieves it just to drop it again and leave it behind when confronted by the Mindworm. A Soldier drops his out of confusion upon seeing a fellow soldier fall apart due to the Puppet Master. Mullins leaves his behind due to the large amount of evils surrounding him and retrieves another one (which is hilariously the same rifle dropped by the previously mentioned soldier) only to drop it and leave it behind when the Mindworm speaks to him. Roberts drops his in the drone pit after being grabbed from behind.